Corporate Profile

Principal Activites

We design, manufacture and sell corrugated paper packaging products such as corrugated boards and cartons for the packaging of products according to our customers' specifications.

We serve the packaging needs of various industries in Singapore and China by supplying a range of corrugated paper packaging products of different configurations and sizes.


Over the years, we have positioned ourselves to target customers which require high product quality, flexibility, prompt service, multiple deliveries and good design capability.

Our customers today include MNCs and local manufacturers in the electronics and electrical industry, food and beverage industry, printing and publishing industry, plastic and metal stamping industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.


Our key products include:

- corrugated boards - assembly cartons
- corrugated cartons - paper pallets
- die-cut boxes - heavy duty corrugated paper products


Raw materials used in the production of corrugated packaging products include paper, printing ink and glue.

Our paper supplies in Singapore are mainly sourced from suppliers who represent their principals located in the USA, Thailand, Malaysia, China, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and Taiwan while our paper supplies in China mainly comprise the local paper mills.

The major types of paper we use for the production of our products are Kraftliner, Kraft Top Liner, Medium and White-Top Liner.

In view of the one to two months lead time required for the delivery of a new shipment of supplies, we generally maintain a two to four months stock of Kraftliner, Kraft Top Liner, Medium and white paper. Other raw materials such as printing ink and glue are sourced from local suppliers in Singapore and China.

Production Facilities

Our seven production facilities are presently located in Singapore, Suzhou, Nantong, Hefei and Tianjin, China. The corrugated packaging products produced at each factory are similar and are supplied only to their respective markets in Singapore and China.